Report from EGM 8 February 2024

Following on from the VC’s video address to staff, UCU Bradford LA called an Extraordinary General Meeting to give an opportunity for staff to air their views and concerns. In addition branch committee reported their grave concerns over a suggestion contained within a paper outlining a recovery strategy that was presented to Senate. The paper falsely indicated that campus unions had been consulted and were content with the plans as presented.

The EGM was held on-line and was well attended, with good contributions from the floor.

The following motions were passed:

Motion 1: UCU Bradford University LA calls upon management to issue a full and unequivocal withdrawal of claims that UCU and other campus trade unions had in any way offered support or endorsement of any of the steps currently under consideration by management as a response to the so called ‘unsustainable business model’, and to commit to making no such claims in the future.

Motion 2: UCU Bradford University LA calls upon management to immediately and fully engage in meaningful and transparent discussions with UCU at the inception stage of any proposed changes, removal of, or the creation of new academic programmes.

Motion 3: UCU Bradford University LA calls upon management to recognise that:​

  • the ‘suite’ of actions now mooted should be regarded holistically,
  • There is a need for absolute fairness and transparency in the development of any changes to the business model, organisations, or academic programmes and the potential for impact on jobs that might flow from such changes.
  • the plan should fall under the jurisdiction of the Organisational Change Policy, including the establishing of an Employment Security Forum

Motion 4: UCU Bradford University LA calls upon management to adopt an ‘open book’ policy over its financial position, including:

  • analysis of income from teaching, research and knowledge transfer activities​
  • what proportion of income is directed at the above activities​
  • financial forecasts and how they are derived, and​
  • financial sustainability,​

and to share the business case and cost/benefit analyses of any upcoming investments in core and non-core business activities scheduled to take place during the next recruitment/delivery cycle.

Motion 5: Members call upon the LA President to communicate branch concerns in a letter to the Chair and all members of Council, in particular to urge that they learn the lessons of BEP and ensure that the impact on jobs and job security is clearly articulated in any proposals brought forwards for their consideration/approval.​

Motions 1, 2, 4 & 5 were carried unanimously; motion 3 was carried by majority.

The outcome of the EGM has been communicated in a letter to the Vice Chancellor, and Motion 5 has been enacted.

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